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Pathophysiology Of Alcoholism And Addictive Disorders

1. Describe the pathophysiology of alcoholism and addictive disorders. The pathophysiology of alcoholism begins after alcohol the ingestion of alcohol. It is absorbed and unaltered through the stomach and intestines. Next it is distributed throughout the body through the blood and absorbed by all tissues and fluids (Huether, 2012, p. 72). Furthermore, in the liver the alcohol blood content is metabolized into acetaldehyde by the enzymes process of alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH), the microsomal ethanol oxidizing system (MEOS), and catalase (Huether McCance, 2012). Next, the metabolizing effects the central nervous system (CNS) and exhibits a depressant action. It is first expressed in the subcortical structures of the brain. This has an effect of disorientation of motor skills and intellect. With an increase in blood alcohol concentration, the medullary centers become depressed and as a result affects respiration (Huether McCance, 2012). In addition, the effects of alcoholism encourage hepatic and gastric changes. The hepatic effect is caused by acetaldeh yde, in which, induces inflammation, fatty deposits and enlargement of the liver (Huether McCance, 2012). 2. Discuss the concept of tolerance to alcohol and the diagnostic criteria for alcohol/substance abuse. Individual tolerance vary upon their ability to metabolize alcohol. Genetics has been proven to influence the metabolic rate of alcohol in the liver. Furthermore, this affects the metabolism of alcohol depending onShow MoreRelatedAlcoholism Outline809 Words   |  4 PagesTopic: ALCOHOLISM Objective: To be able to discuss about Alcoholism. Outline: I.   Classification and terminology of Alcoholism A. Etymology II. History of Alcohol III. Signs and symptoms B.   Symptoms of long term alcohol misuse 1. Physical symptoms 2. Psychiatric symptoms 3.   Social effects C. Alcohol withdrawal IV. Causes of Alcoholism D. Genetic variation V. Pathophysiology VI. Diagnosis of Alcoholism Read MoreGeriatric Assessment7902 Words   |  32 Pagespopulations, it tends to miss some of the most prevalent problems faced by the elder patient. These challenges, often referred to as the Five Is of Geriatrics, include intellectual impairment, immobility, instability, incontinence and iatrogenic disorders. The geriatric assessment effectively addresses these and many other areas of geriatric care that are crucial to the successful treatment and prevention of disease and disability in older people. Performing a comprehensive assessment is an ambitiousRead MoreClinical Approaches Of Treating Sleep Terror Disorder9928 Words   |  40 Pagesstates have been more in depth within the last half century. In regards to sleep terror disorder, many effected individuals only require assurance of their safety and accurate facts of the nature of sleep terror episodes. Additional management may be a consideration if violent behavior becomes problematic or restricts daily functions. Research has indicated a number of features associated with sleep terror disorder but have not determined any definitive correlation between those characteristics and

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The Apology in the Cheeseburger Essay - 1504 Words

In the weeks he was attending the precinct, he took pride in the knowledge that he was never actually late (first day notwithstanding). However, now that he was more than 2 hours late, he idly wondered if it was pointless to even show up at all. Walking the few blocks from the coffee shop to the precinct (he thought he could bribe the detective with coffee), he marveled at the fact that he could actually go a precinct. Regardless of the reasons that brought him there, he liked it, and he really wanted more than the weeks he had to serve doing paperwork (however, if he could do it sans the paperwork, that would be even better). Feeling like a million dollars when Mike didnt ask him to grab a visitor credential, just a barely there nod†¦show more content†¦Yes. But Im too tired to fish for information. Between the last touches of the book launch and Alexis Im drained He said, heaving a sigh. Hows Alexis? The detective asked and he couldnt help but smile. Shes fine. I was actually talking to my mother, and she told me that Alexis talked about you She did? The detective asked surprised. When she remember the not so comfortable conversations with her, she tried to ignore the warmth she felt in her cheeks. What did she.. uhm say exactly? I dont know, apparently she was given the idea that we were dating or something. Weird, huh. He said. As if She scoffed, never looking away from the the papers in front of her. Hey! I would be a delight to date! Im not even going to follow that line of conversation Anyway, where are Espo and Ryan? He asked changing the subject. Theyre probably procrastinating somewhere They fell into a comfortable silence while they worked. Rick tried to advance as many files as he could, maybe he could have some spare time to talk with the boys or with detective Beckett about the case they had just closed. After the finishing the third file, the boys arrived to the bullpen with someone else beside them. He looked up and noted that it was the same reporter that had interviewed him early in the morning. Hey Castle. Apparently you forgot something home Ryan said. Or should we say someone Espo addedShow MoreRelatedThe Apology in the Cheeseburger Essay2030 Words   |  9 Pages Going to the park always gave Rick Castle a chance to think while he watched Alexis play. The first times he would come with her, he didnt part from her not for a second, not wanting to miss the any of the fun- and maybe to keep an eye on her too-. However, recently she had started to demand more independence, stating it was silly for her to play with other kids if her father was following her too. It was a bittersweet feeling for him, admiring his kid,but also knowing the little things thatRead MoreShort Story : You Know Nothing About Me 1468 Words   |  6 Pages The man leans against the counter with his arms folded, waiting for his wife to disappear back into the bedroom. The man opens a drawer in the kitchen and counts exactly forty-five cents in pennies, nickels, and dimes. Not even enough for a cheeseburger from the dollar menu at McDonald’s. With a rumbling stomach, the man shuffles over to the couch and crumples onto the leather cushions then he reaches for the wool blanket that never stops shedding. As he lies in the darkness, the man can onlyRead MoreImportance of the 4 Ps in Marketing Essay3809 Words   |  16 Pagesadvertising, there will always be bumps in the road. As mentioned in Marketing: The Core, they may have insulted the Greeks when they turned the marble columns of the Parthenon in Athens into coke bottles in a TV ad but the issue was resolved with an apology and hopefully a better understanding of cross cultural advertising. As one of the largest beverage producers in the world, Coca-cola should have no problem being around for years to come. A successful marketing strategy does not always mean successRead MoreEssay on Mc Donald’s Customer Service7936 Words   |  32 Pagesto business. In 1948 brothers Dick and Mac McDonald remodelled their McDonald’s drive-in restaurant in San Bernardino, California, creating the prototype for the modern fast-food restaurant. The menu was limited to nine items: hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and three types of soft drinks, milk, coffee, potato chips, and pies. French fries and milkshakes were soon added. By focusing on efficient production and service, McDonald’s cut the price of their hamburgers from 40 cents to 20 cents. Read MoreCustomer Care10655 Words   |  43 Pagescustomer’s expectations during customer recovery, dissatisfied customers can become even more loyal to McDonald’s than before their complaint 3. Sympathise Be genuine. Tell the customer you understand and put yourself in their position. Repeat your apology as much as needed to please the customer. The customer will be pleased that somebody has taken his or her complaint seriously. Customers will feel happy that somebody cares. You will please the customer by agreeing and confirming a course of action

Stock Market Development In The Philippinesâ€Myassignmenthelp.Com

Question: Discuss About The Stock Market Development In The Philippines? Answer: Introducation The study is undertaken in concentration with the stock market development in the Philippines in which information is being collected by the author from various secondary sources of data collection. This is the report which is being prepared so as to avail effective set of information related with the past and the future of the stock market of Philippines (World Bank, 2015). There are certain challenges that hinder in the further development of the stock market. Financial challenge that is being faced by the market was with the shallow and the less diversified investors base. A Stock Market Investors list was prepared by PSE and it was evaluated that there were only 525,850 investors accounts which were active in 2012 (About PSE, 2015). In this here were 96.4 percent of the accounts which classified as the retail accounts and the remaining were considered as the institutional accounts. Another challenge was that the PSE was still less competitive as there was not effective number of competitors available in the same. With the help of the survey it is being analyzed that in terms of the market capitalization PSE was ranked as the 2nd lowest among the other 5 Asian countries (Ho and Odhiambo, 2017). Findings With the help of the studies it is being analyzed that PSE is one of the oldest stock exchanges in the Asia. ,MSE i.e. Manila Stock Exchange Inc. was established in 1927 at the time of American Colonial period and was developed by some of the businessmen (Ghosh and Revilla, 2017). In 1930 the market boom was experienced by MSE. With the change in time it was developed that structural changes are one of the necessary aspects which are required to be elevated by the stock market to the international standards. Unification of the two stock exchanges was one of the major changes which took place (World Bank, 2015). Relevance/Contribution To The Existing Body Of Knowledges There were certain reasons behind the unification of the two stock exchanges which are MSE and Makati Stock Exchange (About PSE, 2015). The reasons were that the two exchanges available in PSE were having different set of policies, different set of members, and one of the most important aspects both the exchanges were having different stock prices for the same list of the stocks. One of the main reasons for the unification was achieving the economies of scale and this could be done by reducing the operating costs. Openion On The Research Article The study is more over based on the past information related with the stock market (Ho and Odhiambo, 2017). Although the information helps in developing effective set of understanding with the stock exchanges of Philippines but it is required that more focus should be developed upon the current position of the same so as to ensure that the more clear image as well as information could be collected. Potential For Future Research In The Philippine Setting It is required that the information related with the present state of the Philippine stock market should be gathered with the effect of which more effective understanding related with the market of Philippine could be gained with the effect of which strategies could be developed to help the market and to ensure it could grow and sustain (Ghosh and Revilla, 2017). References Ghosh, S. and Revilla, E. (2017).Enhancing the efficiency of securities markets in East Asia. 1st ed. World Bank Policy Research Working Paper: Washington, D.C. Ho, S. and Odhiambo, N. (2017). Stock Market Development in the Philippines: Past and Present.Philippine Journal of Development, 41(2), pp.136-156. About PSE. (2015).Philippine Stock Exchange Inc. (PSE).. [online] Available at: [Accessed 11 May 2017]. World Bank. (2015).World development indicators.. [online] Available at: [Accessed 11 May 2017].

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The elderly lady walks uneasily on her weak foot Argumentative Essay Example For Students

The elderly lady walks uneasily on her weak foot Argumentative Essay The city was a mess, a flaming heap of dust and rubble. The worst strike to hit England they say, and the Mounters house was a picture of destruction. They had hit some of the planes; the bullets had pierced their wings and their fuel tanks. One Mecsherscmitt was lying maimed close to the old train station. Charlotte made her way towards it and saw the pilot within bloody and bruised. But she did not feel pity or sorrow for the man. His clothing was torn, and from his uniform a bright glint flickered in her eyes. We will write a custom essay on The elderly lady walks uneasily on her weak foot Argumentative specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now She leant forward. Reaching through the shattered glass and right up to the dead man. She grabbed at the glint and it ripped away from his clothing. She held it up, into the flame red and orange light and examined it. A clear white broach shone back at her. Beautifully polished and with no scratches or notches despite the obvious surrounding demolition. Charlotte pocketed the broach and stumbled away still crying back to the shreds of her home. She did not tell her Mother or Brothers about her find. She did not get caught as a spy fifteen years later when the microscopic letter was hidden on the back of the broach. She did not get killed when another seven years later a German bullet with her name on it hit the broach and bounced away merely bruising her. It had stayed with her all her life, and now waiting for her husband to arrive, she remembered fondly how she had hidden the broach and guarded it with her life throughout her long years, how she had traded it in and stolen it back a thousand times for extra money, the way it always came back. She relaxed into her happy memories, and a smile sank in across her wrinkled face. Her equally old and quiet husband returned, limping on his weak hip, and sat down next to her. He asked her why she was smiling, how was the tea, where she had bought the shawl. But she did not hear him. She was away with her happiest thoughts, drifting in her precious past. He shook her hand and checked her pulse, but her heart had stopped beating ten minutes ago.

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Essay on RE DO

Essay on RE DO Essay on RE DO Ivon Dimas Second Draft May 11, 2015 Re-Do Introduction Robert Dahl, a leading democratic theorist, once said: â€Å"Every member must have an equal and effective opportunity to vote, and all votes must be counted as equal†. Every four years in the month of November, citizens of America go to the polls to vote for the President and Vice President of the United States. Throughout the election, we are guaranteed one vote per person and equal voice in electing the people to serve in our government. The way the United States votes its president into office is through the Electoral College. The Electoral College is a body of people, theoretically representing the fifty states of America, who cast votes for the election of the president and vice president. Should the Electoral College be abolished? Yes, the Electoral College should be abolished for three reasons: it allows the election of a president who may not have the support of a majority of voters, gives preference to larger states, and does not give every voter an e qual voice. Definition of terms Abolished: to do away with; put an end to; annul; make void Candidate: person who seeks elected office. Congress: legislative branch of the government, responsible for making laws. The U.S. Congress has two bodies, the House of Representatives and the Senate. Election: the selection of a person or persons for office by vote. Electoral College: a body of electors chosen by the voters in each state to elect the president and vice president of the U.S. Electoral Vote: the vote cast in the electoral college of the U.S. by the representatives of each state in a presidential election. Federal government: pertaining to or of the nature of a union of states under a central government distinct from the individual governments of the separate states National Popular Vote Interstate Compact: is an agreement among several U.S. states plus the District of Columbia to allocate their presidential electors to the winner of the national popular vote under certain conditions Popular Vote: the vote for a U.S. presidential candidate made by the qualified voters, as opposed to that made by the Electoral College. Representative: a person who represents a constituency or community in a legislative body, especially a member of the U.S. House of Representatives or a lower house in certain state legislatures. Senator: a member of a senate. Winner take all: a situation or outcome wherebythe winner receives all the prizes or rewards History In 1786, the United States gained its Independence from the United Kingdom (Holcombe). This left the new-found states with a large debt to France. The governing body that led the country through the American Revolution was the Continental Congress. This body created the Articles of Confederation after the war. The articles served as the federal body, but had limited powers. One such power that they lacked was the power to tax. The articles also upheld state government over federal government. This made it increasingly hard for the young country to pay back its debt and remain united (History). In 1787, the federalists, under the leadership of Alexander Hamilton, drafted the Virgina plan to solve this problem (Smith). The plan was constructed under the idea of having a centralized federal government. Paying back France was just a noble cause. The Virginia plan proposed the two branches of legislation we know as the Senate and the House of Representatives. The House would be proportioned by population, and each state would have two representatives in the senate. The anti-federalists, proposed that such an act would destroy the newly established state governments (Holcombe). The smaller states came together and drafted a counter-plan known as the New Jersey Plan. This plan would continue to limit the power of a centralized federal government, and it would introduce no new congress (Holcombe). The latter part of their plan was put in to assure that the smaller states

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A Handout About Compound Words

A Handout About Compound Words A Handout About Compound Words A Handout About Compound Words By Mark Nichol Recently, this text for an online ad caught my attention: â€Å"All she asked for was a hand-up, not a hand out.† What struck me was that the copywriter, though I give him or her credit for a clever turn of phrase that pivots on the contrast in meaning between two idioms starting with the root word hand, erred not once but twice in treating those compounds: The sentence should have read, â€Å"All she asked for was a hand up, not a handout.† Why? What’s the difference between open, hyphenated, and closed compounds? This compound error illustrates the distinction. Most compound words start out as two words: Someone introduces an idiom- for example, â€Å"We will hand free tickets out† (or, more colloquially, â€Å"We will hand out free tickets†). Then, as the more informal variant of this idiom becomes commonplace, people begin to describe such an action as a hand-out. Over time, the now-ubiquitous compound word is treated as a closed compound: handout. Exceptions exist, however. Some compound words skip the intermediary hyphenation stage, while others never graduate to it; sometimes, the treatment varies for different words with the same second element: For example, the noun makeup evolved from make-up, but mix-up remains hyphenated, though its form may eventually change. However, of the more than one hundred compound words and their variations that begin with hand, none are hyphenated. (Temporary compounds serving as phrasal adjectives, such as in the phrase â€Å"hand-picked successor,† are another matter.) So, why isn’t the compound â€Å"hand up† a hyphenated or closed compound? Well, it’s not a compound; it never evolved to that status (we don’t speak or write about a thing called a handup), and it remains simply a noun followed by a preposition. Handout, on the other hand, is a compound noun, though it remains open when employed as a verb phrase, as in the original example (â€Å"We will hand out free tickets†). But shouldn’t the contrasting terms in the ad copy be parallel? Not at all- after all, this is English, a highly flexible language, we’re talking about. The woman pictured in the ad is asking for a hand up- a figurative boost- not for something handed out. Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Style category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:How to Punctuate References to Dates and Times50 Idioms About Meat and Dairy Products3 Types of Essays Are Models for Professional Writing Forms

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HR policies regarding workplace behavior Term Paper

HR policies regarding workplace behavior - Term Paper Example As a rule, workplace ethics are often regarded as an integral part of the workplace behavior, therefore, all the aspects of the HR policies should be reviewed from the perspective of the overall atmosphere improvement in the company, as well as the overall performance efficiency growth. Workplace Behavior and Ethics As it is stated in the research by Covey (2000), the conflict causing behavior is rather contagious, since the entire personnel may become contaminated with the improper behavior. This incurs additional (and often, hidden) costs for the company, while the destructive behavior, such as rudeness, gossiping, incessant complaining, ignoring etc., causes losses in productivity and efficiency. In accordance with the research by Lord (2002), it should be emphasized that behavior and ethics are the essential aspects of employment, since both assist in the company’s attempts to improve the profitability. This is explained by the statement that all the employees have different moral values, ethical backgrounds, behavioral norms etc, while the key employer’s task is to harmonize the cooperation of these people by setting rules and regulations that are intended to adjust certain compromises. In general, every company has a specific set of rules that are not associated with the general working procedures directly. These rules are intended to specify which behavior is acceptable, and which is not, and are mainly associated with harassment, language, smoking and eating at working place, as well as working attire. Some of these rules are stipulated by the domestic legislation, while the others originate from the corporate traditions and HR experience. As for the smoking regulations, it should be emphasized that these rules are intended to maximize comfort for all the employees and customers of the company, as well as for improving the fire safety measures. In this case, a compromise is set between a company and all the employees who smoke, sinc e the company agrees to allocate a specific area for smoking, or implement control systems (in case of non-smoking policy), while smokers agree not to smoke in the areas where smoking is forbidden. Ethical behavior, generally, involves various aspects: Integrity. As a rule, this aspect is mainly required for the positions with high financial or any other material responsibility; however, most companies encourage integrity for the entire personnel. In accordance with the research by Estlund (2003), high integrity promotes the absence of gossips and sneakiness among employees. Accountability. In fact, it is often included into the list of unspoken requirements for any worker, since employees are obliged to take responsibility for the particular set of actions. However, most managerial and executive positions have this requirement listed in the job descriptions. Additionally, this involves coming in time, putting honest efforts while performing the job, etc. Teamwork. Actually, this is not an obligatory ethical requirement, nevertheless, employees interact with each other, and hence, this interaction should not be discouraging for the overall organizational performance. This means that personal dislike should be set aside, as the team will have to concentrate on reaching the corporate goal. Commitment. Similarly to previous aspects, this one is not regarded as an

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Child perpetrator of violence Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Child perpetrator of violence - Case Study Example This is a case that happened to twenty six year old Corey Deen Saunders who experienced chaotic childhood and currently serves a life sentence in prison for perpetuation sexual abuse to a six year old boy. Corey Deen Saunders and family history Corey Deen Saunders is a 26 year old man serving a life sentence in prison after abusing a six year old boy in a library. He is mildly retarded and suffers from attention deficit disorder. He had serious psychological problems and turned from a victim to a predator that sexually preyed on young boys. Saunders really liked younger boys, especially those between six and twelve years and always gave excuses to be around and hang out with them. As he grew up, his behavior became conspicuously sexual and all his remarks on boys were sexual in nature. Saunders also sexually fantasized a lot about younger boys living in his neighborhood. He admitted to having more than four hundred sexual fantasies that involved younger children in school. At one poi nt, he contemplated raping and murdering a specific ten year old boy in school. In April 1999, Saunders tried to aggressively win over a twelve year old boy to have sex with him. As Corey Deen Saunders grew, he became sexually compulsive towards younger boys. Saunders’ compulsive sexual behavior eventually landed him in prison following unsuccessful rehabilitation. His real problems began when he sexually abused two children below his age. This is because he had serious psychological problems. Saunders overtly sexual behavior was not corrected at Stetson school and he continued making sexual advances to younger boys. He stole boys under wears and hoarded them. In September 1999, Stetson school found it extremely difficult to contain Saunders and it was decided that Saunders was becoming hazardous to younger children and was transferred to North Carolina’s treatment facility. However, Saunders was transferred to Top East Emergency Shelter in Taunton instead. Saunders es caped from the facility on December 30, 1999 and was found by police some hours later walking barefoot in the streets of Taunton. After escaping from Top East Emergency Shelter he was never readmitted and the Department of Social Services instructed the police to take Saunders to a foster home in Attleboro. Neither police nor the Department of Social Services informed the woman at foster home that he young man had serious psychological problems. As a result, the woman manager did not take extra measures to protect other children from his sexually compulsive behavior. Consequently, Saunders sexually assaulted a seven year old son of the foster woman a few feet away from his mother in the foster’s home living room. As a result, Saunders was charged of battery and indecent assault of a child below fourteen years, abuse and attempted rape of a child less than sixteen years. Following the above incident in 2001, Saunders pleaded guilty and was sentenced to four years and one day i n prison, with additional twelve years probation. After serving his term in prison, Saunders was eventually released. However, Saunders sexually assaulted a six year old boy in New Bedford Public Library, and he was charged again with battery and indecent assault on a child below fourteen years, enticing and raping a child below sixteen years. Following his second abuse, he was sentenced for life to keep him away from harming children.

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Antebellum Slave Culture Essay -- Analysis, The Slave Community

Since the late 1960s, ante-bellum slave narratives have experienced a renaissance as dozens of the thousands still extant have been reprinted and as scholars have published major works on the sources, art, and developmentof the narratives; the people who produced them; and their on-going influence on later work. Drawing upon slave narratives as well among other sources, John Blassingame's The Slave Community (1972), for example, drew attention to the complex social interactions developed in antebellum slave culture. Examining the milieu that spawned the narratives and their development, and providing insights into what the narratives can tell about slavery as well as what they omit, Frances Smith Foster's Witnessing Slavery (1979) gave readers a book-length analysis of the genre. Robert B. Stepto's From Behind the Veil (1979) situated slave narratives at the center of African-American written narrative. John Sekora and Darwin Turner's collection of essays, The Art of the Slave Narrative (1982), focused closer attention on how the narratives achieved their rhetorical effects. In The Slave's Narrative (1985), Charles T. Davis and Henry Louis Gates, Jr. gathered excerpts from some of the best-known narratives and essays about the narratives as history and autobiographical literature. William L. Andrews's To Tell a Free Story (1987) examined the narratives as public autobiographies, at once exploring and demanding freedom. Today, hardly a book is published on American autobiography without a chapter on slave narratives. Not only do scholars writing about African-American literature often refer to the slave 0026-3079/93/3502-073$ 1.50/0 7o Sv'n her babes, so dear, so young, The*e, ev'n these, were torn à ¢way ÃŽ And... ...ased; unlike the narratives written by men, women's narratives do not emphasize this factor. While male narrators accentuate the role of literacy, females stress the importance of relationships. Given the importance of relationships in the lives of most women, this is hardly surprising. Through their narratives, both male and female fugitives and exslaves strove to counter the racial stereotypes that bound them even in "free" societies. Black men and women, however, faced different stereotypes. Black men combated the stereotype that they were "boys" while black women contested the idea that they were either helpless victims or whores. For a male fugitive, public discourse served to claim his place among men; for a female her relationships— as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, and friend—demonstrated her womanliness and her shared roles with women readers.

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Christian Views on Racial Harmony and Religious Freedom Essay

St. Paul taught Christians that other races and religions were equal in the eyes of God. â€Å"It is through faith that all of you are God’s sons in union with Christ Jesus. You were baptized into union with Christ, and now you are clothed, so to speak, with the life of Christ himself. So there is no difference between Jews and Gentiles, between slaves and free men, between men and women; you are all one in union with Christ Jesus. It is because believers share a love of Jesus that they are equal, St Paul says. The Bible opens up with a description of God creating humans in his own image, therefore, Christians believe that everybody should be respected as God’s creation. This means that prejudice and racism are wrong. There are many more teachings in the Old and New testaments which reinforce this, like the Good Samaritan. Most modern Christians believe that people should be free to follow whatever they like, or none at all. There are, however, three different Christian approaches to religious freedom. Exclusivism: Some people are excluded from heaven. Jesus said â€Å"I am the way, the truth, and the life, no one goes to the father except by me. † Some Christians believe this means that only those who follow Christian beliefs can go to heaven. Inclusivism: Some Christians believe that while all religions can help to reach god, only Christianity has the complete answer. This is because Jesus taught that people should believe in him to get to heaven, and only Christians believe in Jesus as the Son of God. This is often the view held by Roman Catholic Christians. While other faiths should be respected, the right path should be explained to them. Pluralism There are many religions. Some Christians believe that all religions will lead to God, none is superior and none is wrong. People are free to followthe way that suits them best. These Christians do not regard the Bible as ‘the word of God’, but rather as holy writings like many other sacred books. These Christains do not think they should try to persuade people to change their religion.

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Competitive Structure of Market for Search Based Advertising

Whirlpool s Future Won t Fade The appliance giant s CEO, Jeff Fettig, has a favorite word: innovation. His company has used it to set earnings records and build a cutting-edge brand These days, Jeff Fettig is getting the glory. Since mid-2004, Fettig has been chairman and chief executive of Whirlpool (WHR ), which as the world s No. 1 maker of big-ticket appliances, has set records for sales and earnings. The housing boom in the U.S. certainly has helped. But the real numbers booster, says Fettig, is innovation. Thanks to new products, Whirlpool not only has logged outsized growth in demand; it has been able to command higher and higher prices (see BW Online, 4/27/06, Whirlpool: Fabulous by Design). In 2005, the Benton†¦show more content†¦From 1997 to 2002, our aggregated growth rate was a negative 3.4%. From 2002 through 2005, we ve turned that from a minus 3.4% to plus 5%. Could you highlight an example or two of when you had to adjust your strategy as you discovered things weren t working as you had planned? Our first year, 1999, was all about learning. We knew what we needed to do; we just didn t know how to do it. We pulled 75 people out of their full-time jobs from vice-presidents to directors to secretaries to blue collars on the assembly line. We put them in three different innovation teams around the world. And for the first year, their job was to start innovating. I would say we had success with that. There s incredible power in putting together diverse people to come up with great business ideas. We learned tons. But when we got to the end of that, we really started hitting a roadblock. This was the Internet bubble era. And most people wanted to go completely outside of our box; they wanted to start an Internet company. We had our first breakthrough. We said this is great, we don t want to overcontrol this, but we need to bound it. So we made this very simple fundamental decision: You could work on anything you want, but it has to be within the scope of our brands. It brought a boundary to our people. I d say we had the next breakthrough, in late 2002 and going into 2003. We were still treating innovation as something separate. It needed to be something we do every day.Show MoreRelatedEssay about Google Case1636 Words   |  7 Pages1. Discuss competition in the search industry. Which of the five competitive forces seem strongest? Weakest? What is your assessment of overall industry attractiveness? Search engine industry is built on search and also advertising. It seems like there are only five major competitors in this industry competing with Google. I think the competition is tight because most of them are target the same market and conducting the similar business and technologies. The five major companies are Yahoo!, MSNRead MoreGoogle in 20081015 Words   |  5 Pages      Case  Study  Ã‚ ­Ã‚  GOOGLE  in  2008      1.  Why  has  the  pay ­per ­click  search  business  grow  so  rapidly?   The  reason  have  to  start  with  Gross’  way  thinking,  as  broke  down  in  to   two  strategies  to  attract  advertisers:  First,  they  charge  advertisers  only  when  somebody   clicked  on  a  link  and  was  directed  to  the  website,  this  is  the  launching  point  of   pay ­per ­click,  which  would  make  advertisers  easier  to  evaluate  their  performance  of  the   ads,  rather  than  spending  lots  of  money  without  knowing  the  real  ROIRead MoreSwot Analysis Of Amazon1025 Words   |  5 PagesAmazon is a Fortune 500 e-commerce company based in Seattle, Washington, the company being one of the first largest to sell goods over the internet. In 1994, Jeff Bezos launched Amazon, the next year the business took off. Amazon originally started out as an online bookstore quickly diversifying its self by adding music, DVD’s, video games and clothing. These days’ amazon sells everything you can think of, including groceries and delivers right to your door. Amazon considers itself a customer centeredRead MoreOrganizing Function of Management Essay1016 Words   |  5 PagesThe organizing function of management develops internal organizational structure. A key role of the organizing function is to address how people interact in various business environments. Management uses organizing activities to allocate resources, define responsibility, establish expectations, and group employees. â€Å"At high-tech firms such as Google that rely on employee skills, knowledge, and creativity to remain competitive, the importance of people is evident as well† (Bate Snell,  ¶ 1, 2009)Read MoreYouTube, Google, and the Rise of Internet Video Case Essay1696 Words   |  7 PagesThe re cent trends in Internet video have provided opportunities in the market. Although many companies attempted to capitalize on this market opening, many firms were not successful. Google was unable to get a strong presence in the market with their Google Video service until it purchased YouTube in 2006. Combined the companies now accounted for four times as many users as their closest competitor in the Internet video market (Cool, Seitz Mestrits, 2010). Analyzing Google and YouTube will provideRead MoreGoogle s Organizational Environment At Google Essay874 Words   |  4 PagesGoogle is a global corporate search engine, known for internet-related services, various advertisings, and products. Students of Stanford University, Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google in 1997. The fundamental driving force that shapes this company’s organizational environment at Google is, the innovative influence on the way society thinks, works and behaves. As well as the impact it provides on education, technical generations, and global businesses within the virtual world. Google CompanyRead MoreTarget Markets : A Target Market1705 Words   |  7 PagesTarget Markets We have segmented our markets by living arrangements (dormitories or off-campus), year of study and by country of origin. Our research showed that students living in dormitories that are going out of province for their summer vacation in first and second year are our most attractive markets. Some of these students remain attractive in later years as secondary targets. Figure 8 illustrates our target markets by year of study and place of domicile. 5.3.1 Primary Target Market Our primaryRead MoreStrategy Simulation Game: Economics for Managerial Decision Making1243 Words   |  5 Pagesorder to achieve maximal profit and how the approach changes based on the four general classification of industries (Stegmann, 2009) and the decision that I made using the information from AMBA670 and previous course. Decision making processes of management is described in different market structures. Just as it pertains to any for-profit business organization, the goal is to cut and maximize profits in each type of market structure. Based on the information provided, Quasar Computers developed andRead MoreStopping Five Forces Analysis On Decision Making1688 Words   |  7 Pagesfive forces analysis on decision-making that will aid with some answers. The value to balance Scarlet Hospital to reinforce its defensive marketing strategy. The strategies of improving it competitive in the market to deploy in order to turn the table on Salam-based health care providers and im prove its competitive marketing position. Scarlet Hospital Scarlet Hospital is a big issue between Salem and Walnut Grove communities due to travel time between the two. Timothy the President of Scarlet HospitalRead MoreBusiness Analysis Of Google As A Company3107 Words   |  13 Pagesprovides a comprehensive business analysis of Google as a company. Contents of this report will include; a comprehensive discussions on Google s approach to value creation and how they maintain their competitive advantage in today s markets, the current competitive situation of the company including their market environment, their current competition, and corporate business strategy. It will illustrate and explain the strategic framework of Google using such technics as, S.W.O.T analysis, Porter’s Five